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GMeta.One virtual land

The GMeta.One metaverse platform offers virtual land opportunities. We actively develop virtual plots in various web3 worlds. The GMeta.One hybrid metaverse is an all-encompassing virtual world made up of pockets of parallel 3D digital environments, bridged together as one through our portal.

GMeta.One development in cryptoVoxels

GMeta.One actively develops in the cryptoVoxels ethereum-based metaverse. Voxels describe the 3-dimensional plots of digital space which are used to build on the CryptoVoxel parcels. We make it possible for you to purchase and develop plots of digital space within the high traffic platform.


Develop your business idea within the metaverse. Open a shop with personally selected or developed items for sale with operation in the platform, like wearables, or other 3D assets, or develop a beautiful virtual property. We give you options and leverage with our platform connected through the cryptoVoxels world.

GMeta.One and Decentraland

Another GMeta.One world in our interconnected web3 world – Decentraland. We actively develop within the Decentraland metaverse, giving our community leverage in the same capacity. We leverage the 3300% growth in user base of Decentraland in order to bridge our community together with the active platform.


Develop on the Decentraland parcels and benefit from the millions of eyes that may come across. Build, develop, or advertise on your parcel. Build your idea and sell it on the GMeta.One NFT platform.


Somnium Space Cube mini world development through GMeta.One


We are active in somnium space, and offer small and medium somnium space cubes to build your own mini-metaverse iteration and develop a business model within the existing larger platform. Available somnium space cubes as well as parcels for other GMeta.One virtual plots, are able to be viewed and purchased on our NFT marketplace.

Specifics on virtual land

The virtual land available for sale and purchase on the GMeta.One NFT marketplace is the easiest way to become a metaverse land owner. There are different types of land to purchase in the metaverse, just as in the physical land market. Prices of virtual land vary based on location and therefore traffic. This can alter price one way or the other.

GMeta.One virtual land in detail

GMeta.One endeavours to remove the obstacles faced by so many when grasping to understand virtual land ownership. That’s why we stay diverse and develop virtual areas in multiple worlds, and offer a premium curriculum through our GMetaVAcademy for anyone to learn about metaverse fundamentals and advanced topics.

With our platform it’s never been easier to buy virtual land before. Tokenized property, NFT virtual land, continues to rise in value. We make it simple and enjoyable to buy and sell on the GMeta.One NFT marketplace, and the wide selection of digital assets listed for sale.

The virtual land industry history

The rapidly-evolving virtual land industry has developed as a business and wealth model respected by institutional investors as of late. Digital technology has converged upon every part of society and blockchain technology has created an unprecedented value proposition for individuals and businesses to buy virtual land.

Over the last several months of 2021 the value of virtual land rose almost 500%. Prior to that Facebook changed its parent name to Meta, and before that, hundreds of billions had been spent by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Sony on development. Virtual land has become increasingly more lucrative over the most recent months.

The metaverse has exploded the use case and real-world implications of virtual land and NFT virtual land ever since. Currency most often flows with attention, and virtual land has gained massive amounts of attention, with significant potential upside still remaining.

Education to support users with metaverse fundamentals

Our GMetaVAcademy was established to provide a helpful resource for individuals to learn about metaverse topics like virtual land. Our courses have been professionally developed and will be available on the GMeta.One platform soon.

GMeta.One curriculum has been meticulously curated to empower students with insight into virtual property and fundamental comprehension of its inherent value proposition – including, but not limited to ownership, development and renting virtual land.

 Interested in virtual land?

With the tremendous upside potential of virtual land, and the historical precedence of the market, now is a great time to take another step in the direction of becoming a virtual land owner. From the lands and metaverse spaces available on the GMeta.One platform, to NFT virtual land and other tokenized virtual assets, our NFT platform is the live listing to venture into virtual land purchase and ownership. GMeta.One is your place for all things involving virtual asset acquisition.


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