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Buy and sell Virtual Property in the GMeta.One metaverse

Own, buy, sell and rent metaverse property with GMeta.One

The GMeta.One virtual property possibilities are plentiful. Our expansive metaverse platform owns plots of virtual property in multiple web3 worlds including Cryptovoxels, Decentraland and multiple Somnium Space Cubes mini worlds, programmable by individual owners to deploy in a variety of optional metaverses. The most recent somnium purchase is a medium parcel in the developing metaverse iteration. Development of the GMeta.One digital world will continue, in order to give our community the best options in prime, monetizable metaverse land for purchase and development.

Our virtual property proposition is designed to enable GMeta.One platform users to become virtual property owners, developers and business owners. Many opportunities exist to own and develop virtual property through our expansive, interconnected virtual GMeta.One metaverse iterations. Our NFT platform features the most recent and popular tokenized assets to choose from.

What is virtual property?

Simply put, virtual property is personally owned property in the digital web3, or 3D world. Virtual property is similar to physical property, in that it can be used to benefit individuals in a variety of ways, both personally and professionally.


The booming virtual land investing market has experienced massive growth recently. Within months of Facebook changing the name of its parent company to META, digital land value has increased by 400-500%.


Individuals can develop, rent and buy virtual land in the GMeta.One virtual terrain, all powered by the $GMONE metaverse NFT token. It is important to understand that now, more than ever, people are engaging with one another virtually.

Why virtual property is relevant?

Social influences like the global pandemic and the modifications it has caused and accelerated, have created a situation where people are working, shopping, interacting, meeting, attending events, parties, gatherings, concerts and major sporting events – digitally. With the expansion of traffic in the virtual space, the associated currency value has exponentially increased.

It is important for us to offer GMeta.One platform users the opportunity to take part in the virtual land rush. For this reason, we are leveraged across multiple existing metaverse platforms like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels in order to provide greater benefit to our users.

Millions of individuals looking for land, rental space, products, services and digital experiences taking place in the metaverse get the chance to see and engage with GMeta.One land owners, developers, business owners and advertisers.

What about property tokenization?

Property tokenization is the process of digitizing physical property and introducing it to the web3 environment. Property tokenization is a simple way we help individuals engage in business within the virtual landscape. We provide a simple platform for users of any metaverse skill-set or experience,  to make it simple to invest in tokenized property.


Tokenization is synonymous with securitization, which describes the process of turning physical assets into instruments which can be sold as shares in the digital world, through the blockchain environment. Imagine going to a concert or a merchant in the metaverse, only it is an exact replica of the physical asset. That is property tokenization live, and at GMeta.One we are fully committed to making this process advantageous for members of our virtual community.

The ability to use crypto to purchase property

The $GMONE Token powers the GMeta.One virtual world. Metaverse dwellers will soon be able to buy property with crypto in the GMeta tokenized property listings in our NFT Marketplace. Any available virtual property NFT can be bought, developed and potentially sold for profit, held for potential appreciation down the road, or rented inside of the GMeta.One hybrid metaverse.

The property tokenization process utilizes the blockchain ledger technology to produce, authenticate and store a secured certificate of a digital asset. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the result of this process.

Education to support users with metaverse fundamentals

Our GMetaVAcademy was established to provide a helpful resource for individuals to learn about metaverse topics like how to buy virtual land. Our courses have been professionally developed and will be available on the GMeta.One platform soon.


GMeta.One curriculum has been scrupulously curated to empower students with insight into virtual property and fundamental comprehension of its inherent value proposition – including, but not limited to ownership, development and renting it out.

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