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The Global Gathering of GMetaOne took place on the 6th of August, 2022, and it was a wonderful event that featured entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and some big names in the crypto industry. 

The speakers involved in the events are Cheryl Coco, OJ Jordan, Cedrick Harris, Brandon Ivey, and Tom Schenk. They talk about cryptocurrency in general, Metaverse, entrepreneurs, Web 3.0, virtual and digital world. 

GMetaone Global Gathering

This event was streamed online via Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. But to fully enjoy the events or fully immerse yourself in the Metaverse, people were able to join through GMetaOne.Land on GMetaOne Arena. 

This means anyone who registered for the event and joined the Metaverse live can engage in the events in real-time, not just sit as an audience streaming it.  

One notable thing about the GMetaOne Gathering event was that to enter the Metaverse event; you don’t need a computer or a VR headset to experience the impact or immerse yourself in the Metaverse. You can simply do that with your mobile devices or tablets; all you will need to do is to go to GMetaOne.Land.

Even the Cryptovoxels team was impressed by how organized and incredible this event was having Bitpixi a Member of Cryptovoxels team saying “ This is probably one of the best most organized events ive ever seen”.

The events were sponsored by some innovative projects in the crypto world, Heal, Crypto Voyagers, Nowsite, CedSaid,  XOXOBUSD and TheBossWay. 

Everyone who attended the gathering either through streaming or live on GMetaOne Arena could engage in a competition. The competition was based on the speakers’ performance, or maybe they could vote because the speakers invited them.  

Those who voted and their speaker have the potential to win a competition for 6 months of free rental of a tailor-made property in the Metaverse, which can be an apartment, shop, or a store in the Metaverse GMetaOne Hights.

Another notable thing that led to the success of the GMetaOne Global Gathering was the different promos released to the audience. One of which is the spinning of the wheel to win NFT T-Shirts.

After each speaker concluded, a wheel is usually spun to gift NFT T-shirts to someone who registered and had the luck of having their name appear on the wheel. 

And the biggest promo was the draw for the free property in the Metaverse worth over $600. The same method used in spinning wheels for those NFTs promos was also used in the draw for the property. 

There was also a special promo for anyone who purchased $50 or more of $GMOPA; the person will have the opportunity to have one of those NFT T-shirts, hats and other packages. 


Apart from winning promo through spinning wheels, attendees have another opportunity to win these gifts. All they need to do is to engage in different tasks. The more tasks they engage in, the higher their chances of winning these promos, NFT shirts and assets.

One of the tasks they can do is to help those speakers in the events get more followers and subscribers and spread the news about the Global Gathering event on their social media. 

Another thing that led to the success of the GMetaOne Global Gathering is the impact of speakers on those who attended the events. The experience was a wonderful one that the attendees won’t forget.   

For example, Cheryl Coco, the event’s first speaker, talks about three main ways Metaverse can impact your business and what you can do about it today. Those three ways are events, marketing and lead generation. 

The audience learned and could see how events like the one held by GMetaOne Global Gathering can greatly impact people’s business.  

This event can change most people’s business because it opens up the opportunity to meet new people, thereby building relationships.  

And also, business owners can learn how to better present themselves in the Metaverse and improve in marketing. 

The audience learned about seven reasons why entrepreneurs fail and how to avoid it from Cedrick Harris. Some of those reasons are how most entrepreneurs fail to identify their gifts and what prevents them from doing so. 

Those in the audience learned how important it is to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur. They also learned how they don’t know the numbers and efforts they should put in to achieve their desired goals in life. The attendees also learned how many entrepreneurs don’t do personal development like reading and attending events like the one held by GMetaOne Global Gathering. 

Brandon Ivy, a speaker, emphasized education and how Metaverse is the future. He showed how education differentiates between those who succeed in the Crypto world and those who don’t. And these apply to all spheres of life as well.  

Those who invest in themselves by seeking knowledge first before embarking on anything derive benefits in the long run. The Metaverse has provided an opportunity for many today because, at this moment, not many people are interested in what it is and how it works.   

But looking at the world, you will know that the world is moving towards virtual reality because the idea of not going anywhere and getting everything done is amazing and exciting. Getting these things done means you will fully immerse yourself in whatever you do, not just a mere virtual experience.

The experience in the event was outstanding, as confirmed by those who attended it live at the GMetaOne arena. The real live attendees who registered for the event and were live on the Metaverse were able to engage in the events by sending reactions when speakers were done speaking; they did this by sending reactions such as love, clapping and others.  

During the events, there was a music track song by Analea Brown titled “Lotion” this music was specifically made for the event.  

The GMetaOne 3D Metaverse was unveiled during the events; this 3D Metaverse includes a mall, buildings, surroundings, roads, train tracks, lakes, waterfalls and bars. The Metaverse was awesome and exciting, including both in and out of the buildings, grasses and offices.  

While this 3D Metaverse is still a work in progress, the GMetaOne have done a lot regarding the Metaverse and digital world, and they are looking to launch this soon.

GMetaOne GMetaVerse

The GMetaOne is creating its Metaverse and building bridged with CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space and other digital worlds. 

What GMetaOne is working towards is making it possible to get everything done in the digital and Metaverse world, these includes the buying and selling of lands, where a “For Sale” sign will be put on properties that are for sale.  

If you would like to see the full event, you can see it on the video bellow, iF you are looking to created your own event in the Metaverse, check SHOP or contact us via email at: [email protected]


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