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Metaverse curriculum available on GMetaVAcademy

We offer a full curriculum devoted to metaverse related topics through our GMetaVAcademy educational platform. Our goal for GMetaVAcademy is to simplify the metaverse and web3 iteration for each student. As a special treat, we also offer a dynamic course on trading, offered by one of the top overall traders on the globe, well into 8 figures – The 1% Live Trading Room with Dr. Chris Cole.

GMetaVAcademy is delivered digitally, powered by the blockchain and our native $GMO metaverse coin. In this way we teach new and experienced students how to navigate the blockchain environment from the moment they on-board onto our educational platform to enroll for our courses.

Our fundamental classes cover the topics most important for GMeta.One community members to understand in order to navigate the metaverse environment and monetize its many opportunistic elements. The classes covered on our platform are fundamental and we plan to expand our offerings as we develop and also the metaverse terrain. We offer five unique, dynamic curricula options on GMetaVAcademy. Choose one or all four:

  1. Virtual real estate
  2. Virtual event planning
  3. Virtual ad space
  4. NFT portfolio development
  5. The 1% Live Trading Room

The GMetaVAcademy is the perfect platform to begin removing the educational barriers that can hamper the confidence needed to learn about the technology that is currently changing the way the world does business.

Virtual real estate

Virtual real estate is an emerging industry, and one of the fastest growing wealth sub-categories classified as part of the greater cryptocurrency asset class. Virtual real estate value has risen more than 400% over the last quarter of 2021 alone, and the industry doesn’t look to be slowing down.

GMeta.One has a large virtual real estate proposition, is actively involved in major virtual real estate investing, and developing in highly engaged metaverse worlds. The goal of our profit model is to position our platform engagers to monetize the space, and that happens with education, which yields confidence, and the courage to proceed forward. Our GMetaVAcademy virtual real estate curriculum is designed to turn new students into virtual real estate investors, and beneficiaries of its surrounding and sub-business models.

Virtual event planning

GMetaVAcademy offers a curriculum in virtual event planning in alignment with the fast-growing virtual event industry and virtual event hosting profession. GMeta.One desires to move platform students from knowing nothing or very little at all, to actively managing virtual events in the metaverse iteration.

Virtual event planning has been on the rise since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, and has not missed a beat since. Since members of the global community began realizing things could be accomplished just as effectively virtually, meetings, events, parties, and all sorts of special occasions have moved to the digital space.

With the web3 iteration being developed at an even faster rate now than ever before, the 3-dimensional enhanced layout provided by the technology makes it much more feasible to conduct most all person-to-person interactions. Virtual event planning is something that everyone should at least get familiar with, and GMetaVAcademy makes it much easier to do so.

Virtual ad space

Virtual advertising is taking off at a rate just as fast as overall metaverse adoption. The massive growth in active users and audience bases in platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland, has driven up prices and land sales in the multi-millions of dollars have been completed on such platforms.

GMetaVAcademy endeavors to provide students with information needed to navigate and learn the powerful business model and opportunities existing in the virtual advertising space. Plenty of businesses and contractors are regularly seeking out channels and sensible opportunities to advertise metaverse related business services and products, and we want our students to benefit.

NFT portfolio development

The NFT market has exploded over the past 5 years. Many millionaires have been made through the trade of non-fungible tokens. In 2021 NFT trade reached close to $25 billion in sales. NFTs are so much more than just digital art. Now, with the development of the web3 vertical on the rise, the ability for NFTs to work as keys and unlock functions in games and on virtual interactive platforms, gives them even more value than ever before. If there ever was a time to, now would be a good time to learn about NFT implications in the metaverse reality.

NFTs deserve full attention, and with so many NFTs, integrative platforms, innovative functions and features arising, GMetaVAcademy dives into them and the strategic development of your NFT portfolio, starting with our very own GMeta.One NFT platform, and build with future development, utility and value appreciation in mind.

GMetaVAcademy gives the confidence to move forward

GMetaVAcademy endeavors to equip students with the tools and resources needed for them to move from beginner to profit. Whether virtual real estate, event planning, ad space, or NFT portfolio development, we invite each student to engage in a confidence-producing experience on the GMetaVAcademy educational platform.

Whether you are completely new or an experienced user in the metaverse space, GMeta.One has something that can help you progress forward in your understanding to navigate the web3 space with a greater degree of confidence. GMetaVAcademy is designed for everyone to gain something of value and in-turn, add value to the growing metaverse virtual reality.

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