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GMeta.One gives a tremendous benefit to metaverse companies and decentralized cryptocurrency projects looking to get their brand in front of the large, growing user base within the GMeta.One active hybrid virtual world users. Not only cryptocurrency projects, but thanks to web3 technology, any brand with an online presence can benefit from advertising within the metaverse via GMeta.One digital advertising services.

The development we conduct within other scaled blockchain-parallel metaverse landscapes, gives our advertisers a clear advantage. We actively develop in multiple expanding metaverse communities to ensure the most amount of eyes having the potential to reach users of our very own GMeta.One platform and collective metaverse community. This benefits the advertiser, by promoting to our user base, our users by offering something genuine and of good value, and $GMO metaverse coin holders who benefit from a happy, flourishing ecosystem.

Large user base

Most of our users and community members are aware that GMeta.One actively builds in several metaverse landscapes to create our own continuum as a metaverse company possessing our own ecosystem of NFTs, utilities, crypto staking rewards, P2E games, educational platform to learn about crypto and more.

Just taking the live example of one particular metaverse in which we actively build, we can show how advertisers truly benefit from having their project utility, brand, products and/or services listed within the GMeta.One metaverse. Decentraland has over 300,000 active users on a monthly basis as last reported in January 2022.

GMeta.One building and actively developing virtual land within metaverse like Decentraland, creates a very opportunistic landscape with a strong value proposition for potential clients of our metaverse marketing proposition. Whatever your project or brand, GMeta.One makes it easy for you to get in front of individuals already walking the metaverse reality.

Dynamics of the virtual advertising space 

The superior visuals of the web 3 space allow for 3-dimensional projection on the virtual reality screen display. The building blocks, called parcels, in the VR world, are used to strategically post your brand or company message onto it and position it in a way that all passerbyers get clear visibility of it. What’s a really great benefit also is that we get the opportunity to put your advertisement into clickable form, where interested individuals can click to be connected immediately.

The advanced screen display, enhanced end user experience, and other advantages of the 3-dimensional metaverse advertising medium, is available through our metaverse company. We take it seriously to get you in front of the growing metaverse crowd in order to get real-time clicks and measurable engagement for your brand.

The GMeta.One Business and Advertising Marketplace

GMeta.One features a business and advertising marketplace which gives businesses like yours the power to connect with other businesses and individuals. Our business and advertising marketplace has an aim to promote and encourage trade amongst the collective of the businesses listed thereon.

The business and advertising marketplace connects contractors like companies in virtual real estate investing, web developers, metaverse coders, smart contract developers, graphic designers, media professionals, and the likes, with businesses and even individuals in some cases, in need of the listed work provided.

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GMeta.One will strategically place your project or brand in front of the eyes it needs to be in front of within the metaverse environment. Let us help you get clicks and attract genuine interaction from users already actively traveling through the virtual reality space. 

If you have a product, service, or other form of utility that can be accessed or somehow converted digitally, this is something you should take a look at. We place a significant amount of emphasis on reaching the largest obtainable audiences for our advertising clients, and also take measures to list them on our business and advertising marketplace.

Let GMeta.One be your trusted source to advertise your project, utility or service on our hybrid metaverse with massive amounts of daily, weekly and monthly traffic, already spending cryptocurrency for plenty of in-game utilization and more. We have got you covered for all of your metaverse promo needs! Book a consultation today.


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